Jul 27, 2016 - Hamburg, Germany

GROW! is now part of the "Green Economy–Visions and Technologies" project developed by ECOMOVE.

The main focus of the project is to emphasize the economic potential of green technologies with regard to occupational opportunities and the involvement of young people.

The objectives are to establish the “green economy” theme more firmly in schools and to bring schools and sustainability-conscious companies together.

Press Box

Take Part- Not all who wander are lost; this is an interested, passionate, educated and very creative group of individuals.

The Foodie Bugle- GROW! persuasively shows the reconnection between humans and the land- highlighting the affinity that exists between people and places, and the importance of knowing and understanding where food and produce comes from.

Ledger-Enquirer- Farming wasn't a childhood dream for Jenny and Chris Jackson.

L'Uomo Vogue- I contadini sono le nuove rockstar.

Connect Savannah- If sun-kissed cuties in overalls driving tractors through sun-dappled fields sounds like your kind of fantasy, this one's for you.

Missoula Independent- "The obvious risk of a documentary featuring 20 insanely earnest and hard-working young farmers in Georgia is that it had better be really good...It does not disappoint."

LuxeCrush- Are farmers the new rock stars? The thoughtful new film GROW! focuses on young Georgia farmers sustaining an endangered profession.

Civil Eats- GROW! is a story that does not seek to convince the moviegoer of any particular viewpoint, but instead offers the opportunity to understand a new generation of farmer...

Seedstock- "another goal of the film is to persuade people to think about the food that they eat, where it comes from and who is growing it."

Atlanta Magazine Covered Dish- These young people are happy. Hard-working to be sure, but satisfied in their work, nourishing themselves and others, and the earth itself, with their unusual career choice to return to America's agrarian roots--before corporations and chemicals took control of our food production.

Zomppa- Guest contributors: The Filmmakers speak about making GROW!

Full Dishclosure- The film itself is an activism, created by Anthony and Masterson just a few years after they moved to Georgia and discovered how difficult it was to find sources for buying locally grown food.

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