The 60 Minute DeLuxe Edition DVD

with 30 minutes of Bonus Interviews, Behind the Scenes, Music Video and more

Deluxe Home Edition DVD  $11.95

Licensed for personal, home use only.


Community Screening  $50.00–$200.00

Screening fees are based on the number of people you are planning on having attend your event. You can take donations or charge admission to help cover the costs of your screening, or raise funds for your organization.

Small Community Screening (up to 50 people)  $50

Medium Community Screening (50 to 100 people)  $100

Large Community Screening (100 and above people) $200

Screening fees include the 60 minute GROW! DVD, all materials in our electronic press kit and a license to screen the film once in public… which keeps things legal, covers you from copyright infringement and helps to support the efforts of the filmmakers.


Educational DVDs  $89.00–$195.00

Educational purchase includes the GROW! DVD and a PPR license for unlimited single site internal use by the purchasing organization only. No admission fees may be charged.

Colleges, Institutions and Businesses  $195.00

Public Schools, Libraries, Non-Profits  $89.00



US: $6.00
International: $16.00

All DVDs are sent via USPS First Class Mail.  Tracking available for US only.

Shipping Times:
US: 3-5 business days
International: 7-10 business days

If you require a faster shipping time, let us know when you order.


How to Order

Complete the email form below.  

In the 'DVD Type' section indicate which type of DVD you are ordering;  Home Edition DVD, Community Screening (Small, Medium or Large) or Educational DVD (Colleges Institutions and Businesses or Public Schools, Libraries, Non-Profits).

When we receive your email we will email you an invoice via PayPal, which is payable by credit card or check.  After you have completed the PayPal transaction we will ship your DVD. It's that simple.

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